Find the most important issues and risks within your business.

Our independently carried our Communications Audit will provide you with a better view of your business, as well as outline areas to reduce costs.

Identify savings for your business by requesting a billing audit from Kuhex. We’re currently able to offer this service free to most small and medium sized businesses. Please contact us to see if you qualify for a free communication audit.


Businesses that qualify for an audit can benefit from:

  • An independent and comprehensive billing audit for mobile, landline and broadband services.
  • Identification of the optimum tariff of your business.
  • Further support in creating a bespoke solution for more complex businesses.

Find out if you qualify for a free audit

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Benefits of having a communications audit:

Independently carried out audit

Billing audits are carried out by Tariffcom, using a sophisticated billing algorithm developed by them.

  • Independently carried out by an industry-leading firm
  • All information supplied is kept strictly confidential

Understand your business better

Detailed report gives a full breakdown of each user’s call profile and demonstrates achievable savings.

  • Detailed analysis of costs occurred by the business
  • Includes data usage, international and roaming calls.

Reduce Costs & Increase Efficiency

The most suitable business tariff on the leading UK network is identified based on your actual business usage.

  • Comparison against all UK published business tariffs
  • Cost of every call is recalculated at various alternative rates